Ruby the Rhino

Ruby the Rhino's pattern launched today on PayHip, Ravelry, Love Crafts and Ribblr! The price ranges between 4 Euro and 8 Euro.

Why do I have different price points? I know that some people can't afford to spend a lot of money, which is why I started using the Pay What You Can system where you can choose to pay the full price, 75% or 50% of the price. PayHip and Ravelry make it possible to implement this system but Love Crafts and Ribblr do not, which is why I have set up an initial discount price of 5 Euro until the end of February. Choosing a platform to buy from: 1. Do not use Ravelry if you have a history of migraine and/or epilepsy, or if your eyes strain easily, since they still have not corrected the layout issues on their site. So, if you can't use Ravelry but want to use Pay What You Can use PayHip. 2. PayHip is a very easy to use sales platform. When you pay for your pattern you can adjust the amount, if you feel that you would like to pay more for the pattern. You need a PayPal account to buy through PayHip. 3. LoveCrafts is an online shop that sells craft supplies as well as patterns for downloading and you can use PayPal, Master or VISA cards as well as Klarna to make purchase. 4. Ribblr is a fairly new pattern platform and I quite like it because it is very interactive. The downside is that you will have to open a Swipe account to buy from Ribblr. Opening an account with Swipe is very easy and straight forward though, the service is similar to PayPal, however Swipe links directly to your bank account, so you are basically doing a money transfer through Swipe. But now a bit about the pattern: Ruby is a loving rhino looking for a new friend.